New (2018) Tax Law Guide

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Tax Reform and Your Taxes In late 2017, Congress passed a sweeping tax reform bill that President Donald Trump subsequently passed into law. The Republican-controlled House and Senate promised to make the United States “open for business”, slashing the corporate tax rate in an attempt to compete internationally. The most significant tax overhaul in decades, […]

How to File 1099 Taxes When You’re Self-Employed

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So you’ve recently become self-employed, or perhaps are creating a business, or maybe you’re still doing your research. If so, you’ve no doubt come across the term 1099, and you’ve probably wondered yourself how to file 1099 taxes. In 2015, 15 million Americans were self-employed, that is 10 percent of the adult population! If you’ve […]

What Are the Tax Benefits of an Individual 401K?

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40.8 million Americans are self-employed. And many are supplementing their current income by tapping into the gig economy with freelancing or gigs like driving for Uber. There are many benefits to being self-employed. Working your own hours, avoiding office politics, and making your own decisions are just a few of them. But when you work for yourself, […]

5 Tax Saving Strategies for New Parents

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5 Tax Saving Strategies for New Parents Having your first child is an extremely joyous and momentous occasion! The ability to nurture, support, and cherish a new life is truly a gift. However, with this tiny, precious added bonus in your life, often comes added responsibilities – both financial and otherwise. Don’t let the mere […]

7 Key Challenges for Millennial Financial Planning

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7 Key Challenges for Millennial Financial PlanningMillennials have gained a reputation for breaking many traditions set by previous generations. One of those traditions has been their financial planning habits. More than half of all people between the ages of 25 and 35 reporting that worrying about finances has had a negative effect on their health. […]

Saving For Retirement

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Saving for retirement is often looked upon as a burden, but once you reach the age of retirement it quickly becomes a blessing. Looking for ways to keep your lifestyle in retirement can be difficult to navigate. Pension and compensation packages offered by companies that gave a percentage of the employee’s salary is something that […]

With Stocks Still Near Their Highs What Should Retirees Do Now?

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Although the stock prices are trading near their all-time highs, it hasn’t exactly been a joy ride for retirees who are counting on their retirement plans for a lifetime of income.  The type of unruly market action that we have seen over the last few months always unleashes a flurry of “expert” commentary that seems […]

How to Purchase the Right Amount of Life Insurance

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Anyone with a family to protect understands the critical role life insurance plays in their financial plan However,  in determining the actual amount of coverage to provide essential protection needs, many people tend to adhere to simplistic rules-of-thumb, such as a “multiple of income,” which may leave them wondering if they own too much or […]

Are You Nominally or Really on Track to Your Retirement Goals?

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Amidst the more obvious lingering effects of a sluggish economy, such as slow job growth, decreasing incomes, low interest rates and shaky consumer confidence, there lurks a more insidious threat which, thus far, has largely been ignored. Inflation or the prospect of its resurgence has somehow remained under the radar; perhaps because the official measure, […]

Retire To Happiness: Tips To Thrive in The Next Chapter of Life

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Here’s a thought: retirement doesn’t mean the end. It doesn’t mean an end of self-importance or purpose, it just means a new chapter—a paradigm shift of what life is beyond long days and meetings and bosses. Unless you own your own business, and even then, you are not your business. You’re not solely defined by […]